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Level Indicator

Our array of level indicators is designed to show the level of liquids in different industries and applications. They are designed to work as per the physical principles of the pull, push, and buoyancy forces of electromagnetics. They are designed using high-grade PVC to ensure that they resist the adverse effects of acid, chemicals, and other corrosive liquids. These level indicators are available with real-time liquid level control and simple designs to provide high accuracy results with perfection. In addition, they are provided with various connection types to ensure that they meet the demands of varied liquid media.

Side Mounted Tubular Level Indicator

Heavy Duty Tubular Level Model No. : BIMCO05 -1 Type : Tubular with "Cï Frame Guards. Make : BIMCO - Bombay Instrument
Price: 66775 INR/Number

Ultrasonic water Level Indicator

NON CONTACT TYPE ULTRASONIC LEVEL INDICATOR CUM TRANSMITTER MODEL NO. : BI-A-5 Range : 5 Mtrs./10mtr/15mtr/30mtr .(Range adjustable over entire range) Indication : Inbuilt Out Put : 4-20mA Display : Liquid level in tank OLED (Inbuilt with Sensor) Protection : IP-65 Make : BIMCO - Bombay Instrument
Price: 19950 INR/Number

Float And Board Type Level Indicator

"BOMBAY INSTRUMENTS MFG. CO." Make Float & Board Type Level Indicator fabricated from the following parts : Our Model No. : 11 Board : Aluminium powder coated having 150 mm width & acid proof paint marking at every 10 cm with PP roller for frictionless sliding on board . Mounting brackets and suitable hardware will provide as per tank height. Min. Graduation : 100 MM Cable Float : SS.304 Float Assembly : SS.316 Sheave Assembly : Pulley Housing : Al. Die Cost acid proof Top Board Connector : Steel Board Bracket : Steel Indicator Assembly : Steel Guide wire Indicator/rope : SS.304 Bottom Bracket : Steel Tank Length : 3 mtr Mounting : 1ï NB, ASA 150 Flange. Qty : 01 Nos. All wetted Parts : SS.304 Nozzle length : 800 MM Adjustable Make : BIMCO - Bombay Instrument Scope of Supply : - Complete assembly will be provided. It include Scale with radium numbering , Indicator with radium Brackets to fix Scale & wall of tank, Indicator rope, Float, Float rope, Locable pin to lock float & indicator by rope, Pulley assembly, Pulley housing , 800mm Adjustable pipe for fixing on Top of tank with flange in-build with pulley housing.
Price: 15675 INR/Number

Top Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator

Model No. : 09 - RI Type : Magnetic Mounting : Top Top Chamber : SS.304/316/PP etc Pipe flared and flanged at Top end and having flanged cover at bottom end Guide Pipe : A perforated G.I/SS.304/316/PP etc. Pipe Flange : 4ï /6ïNB, ASA 150 C.S./any MOC Flange Test Pressure : 5 Kg/CM-2 / high Pressure as per requiest Float : SS.316./any moc float with SS.304 stem and cartridge made out of SS./anymoc having Powerful permanent magnet inside it. All wetted Parts : SS.304/316/PP /GI./Any MOC By-pass Pipe : SS.304/316/PP /GI./Any MOC OP.Temp. : AMB. / Pl. confirm OP. Pressure : AMB. /Pl. confirm Scale : Black Anodised Aluminium scale marked in CMS Least count 5 mm Indication : BI-COLOUR Magnetic PP. Roller will be in Powder coated Al. housing with transparent acrylic Front. Protection : Al. powder Coated housing with Roller Liquid : Water / Pl. mention if other liquid. Tank Depth : Pl. mention Nozzle length : Pl. mention Make : BIMCO- Bombay Instrument
Price: 10575 INR/Number

Portable Water Level Indicator

Model No : 11-PROWL Application : Level measurement Length : Please confirm Uses : Water level alarm Tape : Graduation in mm, cm and m Probe : SS.304, Waterproof IP 68 Tape MOC : High Tensile steel two anticorrosive beside with two core conductor waterproof IP68 Supply : Battery Make : BIMCO - Bombay Instrument
Price: 28775 INR/Number