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Flow Meter
With unmatched flow, durable design, and accurate density measurement, these Flow Meters have become one of the best choices in every sector. They are ideal to test liquids, gases, and other materials to deliver repeatable flow measurement results even in the most challenging environments.
Flow Switch
We provide durable flow switches for efficient monitoring of flow rates in pipes in different HVAC applications. They are suitable for monitoring flow in different media, such as water, lubrication systems, oil, cooling circuits, etc.
Process Control Instrument
Improve product quality with these Process Control Instruments designed for the specific requirements of clients. They are available in rugged designs and styles to cater to the different process control and measuring demands of the industries.
Level Switch
These high-grade level Switches are widely used with engines, tanks, vessels, or enclosures for measuring turbulent liquid levels. They are installed in chemical, petrochemical, shipbuilding, machine building, natural gas, offshore, and other sectors to get accurate measuring results even in harsh operating conditions.
Oil Flow Meter
These high-grade Oil Flow Meters are available with a large LCD display for clear reading. They are widely used to test a range of fluids or media, from methanol, kerosene, urea water, and diesel to fuel in petroleum, chemicals, food, medicine, and other sectors. 
Rota Meter
We provide durable rotameters for the accurate measurement of liquids and gases. They are accurate and durable products designed for low-flow and high-pressure applications. Their borosilicate glass metering tubes come with easy-to-read scales to ensure high performance.
Sight Flow Indicator
These durable and strong Sight Flow Indicators are manufactured from quality materials with a double window and no moving indicators. They ensure unmatched results with high efficiency and accuracy. With removable windows, they can be easily cleaned. 
Oval Gear-PD-Oil Flow Meters
We provide high-quality Oval Gear-PD-Oil Flow Meters for efficient measuring and calculating oil and diesel during loading and unloading. They are available with a mechanical counter as well as pulse output to ensure high accuracy in results. These meters are widely used with oil, fuel, high-viscosity liquids, and other media.
Level Indicator
Our high-end Level Indicators are available in hard-wearing designs to resist the effects of high temperatures, high pressure, and harsh environmental conditions. These products are designed using high-grade PVC and aluminium to ensure a long-lasting life. They can work with different liquids and media in tanks, petrochemical plants, and other sectors.
Mano Meters
The hard-wearing aluminium cover and transparent acrylic front of these Mano Meters make them highly popular in the market. A special uniform bare, thick-walled borosilicate glass tube is used in the production to ensure long-lasting life with no wearing or abrasion.
Level Gauge
These high-grade Level Gauges are the perfect combination of sturdiness and performance. They are designed to resist the effects of high temperatures, high pressure, and corrosive fluids. They are available in sturdy designs to deal with any media and work in any environmental condition.
Sight Glass
We provide high-grade sight glasses to cater to the demands of high-pressure applications. They are available with excellent visibility to indicate flow conditions. These leakage-proof products are provided with fast reaction indicators to prevent excessive liquid.